2019 Recognition Banquet

It’s that time of year: potlucks, holiday parties, and recognition luncheons.

Last Saturday, we gathered at Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen for the annual CAZACS recognition luncheon.

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We announced the new 2020 CAZACS governance election results, thanked our executive board and committee chairs for organizing events in 2019, and recognized 50-, 60-, and 70-year ACS members.

The highlight of the annual banquet (aside from the cheesecake) is the stories from our senior members. We heard from Dr. Ken Kipers about working in chemistry from waste oil to detergents (and everything in between!). We also heard from Dr. Carleton Moore about his work in analyzing lunar samples (almost exactly 50 years ago!).

50-Year Service Awards
Dr. William Charles Harris
Dr. Kenneth Clifford Kipers
Dr. Arnold F. Marcantonio
Dr. Leslie Robert Rudnick
Dr. Robert John Strelau

60-Year Service Award
Mr. Rodney D. Beckham
Mr. William J. Collier
Dr. Carleton B. Moore
Dr. Virginia D. Sandstedt

70-Year Service Award
Mr. Robert L. Brandt
Mr. James P. Duckworth
Dr. Patricia H. Moyer
Dr. Harry B. Whitehurst

CAZACS Executive board and committees are already planning 2020 events and programs.

Starting on January 9, the Networking Committee is launching “STEM on Tap,” a monthly informal gathering for ACS members and their colleagues. We will meet every 2nd Thursday of the month at 6pm for food, beverages, and STEM topics.
Want to know where STEM on Tap is meeting next? Keep tabs on our calendar!

Save the date for March 28th! We are delighted to host Dr. Joseph Nagyvary at the Musical Instrument Museum. Dr. Nagyvary is discuss the chemistry of finishes and varnishes that play into the famed Stradivarius violins. We will also be celebrating the 10th anniversary of the MIM, so we expect quite a crowd at this event!

From CAZACS Executive Committee, we wish you a happy new year!

National Chemistry Week 2019 Illustrated Poetry Contest Winners!

As part of National Chemistry Week, the ACS hosts an illustrated poem contest for K-12 students. We selected poems from the local section for chemistry themes (“Marvelous Metals”), creative poetry, and excellent artwork. Winners of each category are submitted from each local section to the National contest. Congratulations to all of our winners, and thank you for your submissions!

Grades 9-12

Honorable Mentions:
Kassidy Barnes (Sierra Linda High School)
Zelda Gonzales (Sierra Linda High School)
Alondra Ramos (Sierra Linda High School)
Viviana Parra (Betty Fairfax High School)
Brooke Estrella (Betty Fairfax High School)
Lauren-Ashley Davidowski (Betty Fairfax High School)

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Grades 6-8

1st Place
Luc Pillsbury (8th grade, Desert Shadows Middle School)
Sophia Doe (6th grade, Benchmark School)
2nd Place
Lucille Wilkins (8th grade, Connolly Middle School)
Rylee Pickering (6th grade, Benchmark School)
3rd Place
Faiso Adandhuuh (8th grade, Connolly Middle School)
Anthony Tardi (6th grade, Benchmark School)
Honorable Mentions:
Nathalia Contreras (8th grade, Connolly Middle School)
Isabella Lawrence (8th grade, Connolly Middle School)

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Luc’s poem was submitted to the national contest for 6-8 category. Congrats Luc!

Grades 3-5

1st Place
Katherine Hobbs (5th grade, Benchmark School)
Athena Nastasia (4th grade, Benchmark School)
Jaxon Lewis (3rd grade, Benchmark Elementary)
2nd Place
Adam Taylor (5th grade, Benchmark School)
Julie Young (3rd grade, Benchmark Elementary)
3rd Place
Arielle Welch (5th grade, Benchmark School)
Honorable Mentions:
Noah Berman (5th grade, Benchmark School)
Dimitra Kentimenou (4th grade, Benchmark School)
Ayaan Jain (4th grade, BASIS Peoria Primary)

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Athena’s poem was submitted to the national contest for 3-5 category. Congrats Athena!

***UPDATE: Athena was awarded 2nd place in ACS National submissions!***

Grades K-2

1st Place
Jacob Freda (Northwest Christian School)
2nd Place
David Cox (Northwest Christian School)
3rd Place
Fei St. Clair (Northwest Christian School)
Honorable Mentions:
Steele Sullivan (Northwest Christian School)

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Jacob’s poem was submitted to the national contest for K-2 category. Congrats Jacob!

Thank you to all of the students for submitting your illustrated poems, and thank you to their teachers!

Upcoming CAZACS Annual Recognition Banquet

The executive committee of the Central Arizona Section of the American Chemical Society (CAZACS) is delighted to invite its members to the upcoming Annual Recognition Banquet, in celebration of our 50- and 60-year members, 2019 Executive board and committee chairs, past executive committee members, and awardees!
Please join us for lunch at Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen (11051 N. Black Canyon Hwy) on
December 7, 2018 from 11:30-2pm.

ACS members and guests may attend for a $15 fee, payable at the event.
Doors open at 11:30 am and lunch is served at 11:45a.
RSVP by December 3 for this event via EventBrite.

Chemists without Borders

In the spirit of accessible education, CAZACS hosted a talk from Anna Hayes with Chemists without Borders at the Arizona Museum of Natural History in Mesa–on Smithsonian’s Museum Day (September 21).

Chemists without Borders aims to solve humanitarian problems by mobilizing the resources and expertise of the global chemistry community and its networks.

cwb quote.png

Just think about it: chemists know a lot about the world, and they’re pretty good a problem-solving. So why not utilize that knowledge and problem-solving ability to tackle some really big problems?

In particular, Anna is involved in the Ongley-Meyers Sierra Leone Project in the Chemical Education Initiative. The project addresses the issue of education in chemistry in remote and politically unstable areas, including Sierra Leone. Anna outlined the dire needs of this region, and how Chemists without Borders is trying to solve the problem of quality education in chemistry that is accessible, inexpensive, and deliverable. Anna showed us the curriculum and the microchemistry kit (below) that can be deployed for use in these hard-to-reach places. The project also works to train teachers to use these kits and teach to core competencies that are needed to pass the West Africa Senior School Certificate Exam.

RADMASTE kits.png

Want to get involved in this project? Find out how on their website!

CAZACS 2019 Call for Nominations

We are opening the floor for 2019 nominations (including self-nominations) for the following positions:

Alternate councilor

Please submit your nominations (or self-nominations) and biography to kathryn.kitzmiller@gcu.edu or rbauer@asu.edu no later than 9/21/2019. We will verify acceptance of all nominations prior to ballot creation. Information about the duties of the positions and role on the executive committee are included below.

These positions serve as part of the local section executive committee and section representatives whose duties include conducting section business, approving fund disbursement, committee oversight, hospitality, planning and organization, budget, goals, and programming.

Serves as Program Chair for planning events (including tour speaker planning, hosting speakers), invited to attend ACS Leadership Institute, and assists the Chair. Term is one-year with election into position of the Chair.

Serves to chair meetings and direct section activities, oversee committees, correspond with National, delegate authority, create standing committee appointments, spokesperson for section, file Annual Report, host tour speaker. Term is one year following position of Chair-elect.

Serves to record minutes, receive rosters, manage election process, distribute communications, submit names to ACS Executive Director for new Officers, Committee Chairs, Councilors, and Alternate Councilors. Term is 2 years and may serve consecutive terms.

Serves to prepare budget, request allotment payment from Society, request member and affiliate dues collections, account for section money, file IRS forms, maintain accurate financial records, reports status to section, write checks, files annual financial report. Term is 2 years and may serve consecutive terms.

Councilor/Alt. Councilor
Serves to represent section at ACS Council meetings and attend National Meetings, reports actions of council to section, serve as Archivist and works with Hospitality. Term is 3 years and may serve consecutive terms.