Interested in getting more involved with CAZACS?

Behind the scenes at CAZACS, there is a small but mighty group of volunteers that serves the local section community. Collectively these individuals organize outreach in the community, run executive committee meetings, establish the yearly calendar, coordinate yearly elections for section officers, lead event planning committees (Annual Recognition Banquet, retreats), represent the section at regional and national levels, address emails, and manage the budget.

There are many reasons that individuals in this group volunteer their time for CAZACS. Some opportunities include:

Why Consider Leadership in the Local Section?

  • Involvement in making policy decisions with the ACS
  • Giving back to the community
  • Sharing a passion for science
  • Learning a transferrable skill like budgeting or event-planning
  • Gaining leadership experience through the ACS Leadership Institute
  • Networking with fellow chemists in Central Arizona

We invite our members to consider becoming active volunteers in the local section, especially members interested in executive committee member roles that require nomination and election.

The end of 2021 marks the end of terms for a few of our elected roles, including:

The Chair-Elect serves as program chair and has the principal responsibility for planning and arranging the section’s meeting programs for the year during which he or she will be chair. In addition, the chair-elect often serves as the primary speaker planner for the section.
In practice, the Chair-Elect assists the Chair with program planning for one year, while they plan the next year’s calendar of events where they themselves will serve as Chair.

First and foremost, the treasurer receives and disburses the section’s operating funds and is responsible for accounting for all section moneys, including annual ACS allotments, local membership dues, and program revenues and expenses. The treasurer is expected to maintain accurate financial records for the section and prepare periodic and annual reports on the section’s fiscal condition. The treasurer is also responsible for filing Internal Revenue Service Forms. For CAZACS, this role serves for a two-year term.

The section secretary has a broad range of responsibilities, among the most essential being those of maintaining the membership list and other section records. The secretary is depended upon for other aspects of section administration as well, including recording and maintaining a complete file of minutes of all general membership and executive committee meetings, and writing regular section correspondence. For CAZACS, the Secretary is also the Chair of the Communications Committee, responsible for communications with the local section members. The Secretary role is a two-year term for CAZACS.

There are two Councilors and two Alternate Councilors in CAZACS, which carry the responsibility of representing CAZACS at Council Meetings that take place twice a year. These meetings cover many topics at regional and national levels of the ACS, and attendees must be certified by the Secretary. The Councilor role is a three-year term.

In addition to elected roles, several committees take responsibility for planning special events and programs, including Outreach, Awards, Younger Chemists, and others.

If you are a member of the CAZACS and want to take part in one of the local section committees or governance, then tell us how you want to be more involved!

Prescott Regional SciTech Festival goes Virtual in 2021

We had a great line-up of activities planned when we agreed to participate as an exhibitor at the Prescott Regional SciTech Festival in 2020, but then…

…we were delighted to participate in the virtual festival in 2021!

How does a virtual science festival work? How exactly did you prepare an exhibit?

The festival organizers provided a web portal for all the virtual exhibitors, and listed a schedule of live events that exhibitors chose to host. Exhibitors also included recorded events, activities, and resources for virtual attendees.

So what is in the CAZACS virtual exhibit? We encourage you to see for yourself!

Our team of volunteers dedicated to chemistry and outreach came up with a jam-packed exhibit! We posted a video about how to make slime at home, a video showing how LEGOs can teach molecular modeling, and a video for a behind-the-scenes tour of Mother Road Brewing Company (and their chemistry lab, of course!). We posted a graphic novel about MOSHY, Marvelous Oxygen and its Sidekick Hemoglobin, and highlighted favorite activities and resources for the upcoming Chemists Celebrate Earth Week 2021.

CAZACS is also hosting live events, including Periodic Table Bingo (with prizes) and a Superhero Chemistry panel discussion.

We also posted other cool resources that we found on the vast internet, such as the CovidSIM game from Ask a Biologist, a chemistry in the kitchen video from the Arizona Museum of Natural History, and highlighted videos and activities for CCEW 2021 Virtual Kids Zone.

Some of the other cool exhibits we saw at the virtual festival included the Maricopa County Air Quality Department, Eagle Aero Sport, the Society of Physics Students, and the Undergraduate Research Groups.

Many thanks to our volunteers in building this exhibit, Teresa Eaton & her students, Christina Forbes, George C. Galliher III, Kathryn Kitzmiller, and Caitlan Patcher!

National Chemistry Week 2020 Illustrated Poetry Contest Winners!

Congratulations to all of our local section winners, and thank you (parents, students, and teachers) for your submissions!

Grades 9-12

1st Place Luc Pillsbury (Horizon High School)
2nd Place Jennifer Hernandez (Sierra Linda High School)
3rd Place Maya Lewis (Betty Fairfax High School)
Honorable Mention: Amy Amaro (Sierra Linda High School)

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Luc’s poem was submitted to the national contest for 9-12 category. Congrats Luc!

Grades 6-8

1st Place Thao Nguyen (Connolly Middle School)
2nd Place Laura Amanda (Benchmark School)
3rd Place Deanna Pung (Connolly Middle School)
Honorable Mentions: James Klopfenstein (Benchmark School), Yadira Calderon Vargas (Connolly Middle School)

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Thao’s poem was submitted to the national contest for 6-8 category. Congrats Thao!

Grades 3-5

1st Place Athena Nastasia (Benchmark School)
2nd Place Kadyn Hysong (Benchmark School)
3rd Place Campbell Reader (Benchmark School)
Honorable Mentions: Alexa King (Benchmark School), Isabella Maxie (Benchmark School)

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Athena’s poem was submitted to the national contest for 3-5 category. Congrats Athena!

Thank you to all of the students for submitting your illustrated poems, and thank you to their teachers and parents for encouraging them to participate!

Chemists Celebrate Earth Week 2020 Illustrated Poetry Contest Winners!

In spite of having to cancel in-person events, the Illustrated Poetry Contest forged ahead online for this year’s Chemists Celebrate Earth Week! K-12 students from the Central Arizona local section submitted illustrated poems focused on the theme, “Protecting our Planet through Chemistry.” To say the least, our judges had a tough time deciding on the winning poems! Congratulations to all of our local section winners, and thank you (parents, students, and teachers) for your submissions!

Grades 6-8

1st Place Emma Benedek (6th grade, Benchmark School)
2nd Place Gabriela Domenzain-Vera (8th grade, Desert Shadows Middle School)
3rd Place Isabella Lawrence (8th grade, Connolly Middle School)
Honorable Mentions: Luc Pillsbury (8th grade, Desert Shadows Middle School), Braeden Lewis (8th grade, Benchmark School)

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Emma’s poem was submitted to the national contest for 6-8 category. Congrats Emma!

Grades 3-5

1st Place Sullivan Reader (3rd grade, Benchmark School)
2nd Place Kolton Koepke (3rd grade, Benchmark School)
3rd Place Caylee LaMere (4th grade, Desert Harbor Elementary)
Honorable Mentions: Alexa King (3rd grade, Benchmark School), Dev Ravikumar (3rd grade, Benchmark School)

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Sullivan’s poem was submitted to the national contest for 3-5 category. Congrats Sullivan!

Thank you to all of the students for submitting your illustrated poems, and thank you to their teachers and parents for encouraging them to participate!

In light of COVID-19: Announcements and Educational Resources

This will be a short update, but we wanted to let you know about several upcoming events that were cancelled in response to the recent viral outbreak.

The following events have been cancelled:

March 28, Musical Instrument Museum “Unlocking the Secrets of the Stradivarius”

April 2, Eyring Lecture and Reception

April 4, Prescott Regional SciTech Festival

April 4, AZAstroBio Symposium

April 9, STEM on Tap (suspended indefinitely)

April 18, Future of Food Webcast (will be rescheduled at a later date)

April 19, Chemists Celebrate Earth Week in-person events and hands-on activities

May 23-26, Chemistry Cafe at Phoenix Fan Fusion (rescheduled with Phoenix Fan Fusion until September)

The following events are proceeding (as of March 16):

Chemists Celebrate Earth Week Illustrated Poetry Contest (contact Christina if you want to know more about this)

April 18, By-laws Review & Open Forum (This will be a web/phone meeting)


Furthermore, the American Association of Chemistry Teachers (AACT) has unlocked some online materials through March 31. They have units in a variety of chemistry topics for all age groups. If you are teaching children at home, or if you are an educator that needs to teach material online, you can find these valuable resources here.