Leadership Institute 2020

Every year, the ACS hosts the Leadership Institute, an intensive three-day workshop designed to train elected officers, committee leaders, and council members to succeed in their new roles. This invitation-only event includes local section officers from across the US, as well as technical division leaders, ACS board members, regional division leaders, and Younger Chemists leaders. Notably, all 300+ attendees of the Institute are serving in their ACS roles as volunteers, committed to building a better community in chemistry.

To say the least, it was easy to follow a networking conversation formula at the Institute: “What is your role in the ACS?” followed by “So what’s your regular job?” In truth, the dedication of this group of individuals is pretty inspiring when taken in the broader context.

The Leadership Institute is a unique opportunity for ACS leaders to meet each other and compare notes and strategies, all while taking valuable coursework in leadership and management. While these courses are aimed at ACS governance use, the skills and tools in these programs are broadly applicable to our jobs and careers.

The ACS offers both online and in-person courses geared towards professional development and leadership training, with attention to the needs and demands of chemists. The Leadership Institute includes many of the facilitated courses, in addition to training sessions that are specific to respective leadership roles.
If you haven’t looked into these professional development resources lately, now might be a good time! Many of these courses are included in your ACS membership, and several are available as on-demand courses online.
Personally, I found “Managing Projects Effectively” to be really valuable for my job, and I completed it in one evening at home!

CAZACS sent newly elected roles to the Leadership Institute this year. We had a chance to touch base with governance from the Southern Arizona local section, and caught up with our District VI ACS board director, Paul Jagodzinski (also a CAZACS member). We even had a chance to meet the ACS president, Luis Echegoyen! We came away from the institute feeling motivated, exhausted, both more and less organized, and full of new ideas to better serve our CAZACS members and committees.

How do you get an invitation to the ACS Leadership Institute? The first step is to get more involved in planning activities with the CAZACS local section! We are always looking for motivated individuals to help us plan, organize, and manage events and programs. You can get in touch with us on the contact us form and let us know how you want to get more involved.

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