Chemists without Borders

In the spirit of accessible education, CAZACS hosted a talk from Anna Hayes with Chemists without Borders at the Arizona Museum of Natural History in Mesa–on Smithsonian’s Museum Day (September 21).

Chemists without Borders aims to solve humanitarian problems by mobilizing the resources and expertise of the global chemistry community and its networks.

cwb quote.png

Just think about it: chemists know a lot about the world, and they’re pretty good a problem-solving. So why not utilize that knowledge and problem-solving ability to tackle some really big problems?

In particular, Anna is involved in the Ongley-Meyers Sierra Leone Project in the Chemical Education Initiative. The project addresses the issue of education in chemistry in remote and politically unstable areas, including Sierra Leone. Anna outlined the dire needs of this region, and how Chemists without Borders is trying to solve the problem of quality education in chemistry that is accessible, inexpensive, and deliverable. Anna showed us the curriculum and the microchemistry kit (below) that can be deployed for use in these hard-to-reach places. The project also works to train teachers to use these kits and teach to core competencies that are needed to pass the West Africa Senior School Certificate Exam.

RADMASTE kits.png

Want to get involved in this project? Find out how on their website!

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