CAZACS Retreat in Flagstaff

When we said “Beat the Heat,” we sure meant it!

It was hopping at the Historic Brewing company in downtown Flagstaff. Delicious brews, good food, and some live music! We even had a walk-in: a local NAU student & ACS member stopped by the bar, having not realized that CAZACS had ordered up some appetizers for all our local chemists. We offered to buy him a drink or two, and good times were had by all.
Sadly, it was a cloudy evening, and even some of the smoke from the nearby Museum Fire prevented much star-gazing (some stopped by Lowell anyway to try!).

Hotel accommodations at the Courtyard Marriott were pretty nice. There was a rodeo in town, which made for some great company for chemists hanging out at the hotel bar after the YCC happy hour.

Breakfast was plentiful, and the CAZACS governance in attendance enjoyed talking with our members. These discussions always give valuable feedback and new ideas. Thank you for those who made it to the breakfast to talk with CAZACS!

It was a healthy dose of rain on Saturday. We hoped to take a look at the sun using Lowell’s solar filters, but were we dodging between buildings in the deluge. Nonetheless, those that braved the weather got a special treat touring the Lowell Observatory and grounds with one of their observers. We learned about current research that the observatory is actively working on, and saw the Clark and Pluto Discovery telescopes (up close and personal), and had a look at the Putnam Collection.

We look forward to hosting another Flagstaff Retreat during the summer next year!

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