Chemists Celebrate Earth Week 2018 Illustrated Poem Contest Winners!

As part of Chemists Celebrate Earth Week, the ACS sponsors an illustrated poem contest for K-12 students. We selected poems for chemistry themes, and for excellent artwork. Winners of each category are submitted from each local section to the National contest. Congratulations to all of our winners, and thank you for your submissions!

Grades 9-12

1st Place
Jillian Reyes, 10th grade, Betty Fairfax H.S.
2nd Place
Marie-Therese J. Angounou, 10th grade, Betty Fairfax H.S.
3rd Place
Lizbet Suarez, 10th grade, Betty Fairfax H.S.
Honorable Mention
Vanessa Carrillo, 10th grade, Sierra Linda H.S.


Jillian’s poem was submitted to the national contest for 9-12 category. Congrats Jillian!

Grades 6-8

1st Place
Keit Do, 8th grade, Connelly Middle School
Luc Pillsbury, 6th grade, Benchmark Elementary
2nd Place
Bianca Cazares Berrelleza, 8th grade, Connelly Middle School
Adele M. Torrington, 6th grade, Benchmark Elementary
3rd Place
Gabriela Domenzain-Vera, 6th grade, Benchmark Elementary


Luc’s poem was submitted to the national contest for 6-8 category. Congrats Luc!

Grades 3-5

1st Place
Carmen McCay, 5th grade, Benchmark Elementary
Carter Puma, 4th grade, Benchmark Elementary
2nd Place
Ada McKelvey, 5th grade, Benchmark Elementary
Hailey Perlmutter, 4th grade, Benchmark Elementary
3rd Place
Brynlee Fraiman, 5th grade, Benchmark Elementary
Henry Bradstock, 4th grade, Benchmark Elementary
Honorable Mentions
Simone McCay, 5th grade, Benchmark Elementary
Tatum Stephens, 5th grade, Benchmark Elementary


Carmen’s poem was submitted to the national contest for 3-5 category. Congrats Carmen!

Grades K-2

1st Place
Shayla Lytle, 2nd grade, Northwest Christian School
2nd Place
Weston Wendel, 2nd grade, Northwest Christian School
3rd Place
Karter Bell-Tupin, 2nd grade, Northwest Christian School


Shayla’s poem was submitted to the national contest for K-2 category. Congrats Shayla!

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