CAZACS honors our 50- and 60-year members!

Members of our section gathered at the Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen in Phoenix to have a scrumptious lunch, and hear some tales from members who have been part of the ACS for 50 or 60 years!

This event provides for a unique opportunity to compare notes across different career pathways and different fields of chemistry. Some things truly haven’t changed around the bench in a number of decades. Some discussion included the best times to sign up for time on the NMR, problem solving skills, and teaching an undergraduate organic chemistry lab.

We heard stories from a few of our 50-year members. Devens described his career in organic chemistry, which included a story about neurotoxins found in newts and pufferfish (and sometimes sushi). Frank described how his interest in science and technology from came from the launching of Sputnik, and elaborated on the chemistry experiments he conducted in his garage.

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Not all of the conversation was about chemistry. We also talked about cooking dinner after a long day in the lab or classroom, ducks in France, birds in Arizona, and some cool new Google gadgets.

Congratulations to all of our 50- and 60-year members in CAZACS!

Dr. Wayne A. Cassatt, Jr.
Dr. Adrian S. Fox
Dr. Melvin M. Goldstein
Dr. William L. Hunter
Dr. Richard L. Talbott

Mr. Robert F. Armbruster
Dr. Gene Banucci
Dr. Edgar A. Blair
Dr. James A. Bristol
Ms. Patricia B. Cook
Dr. J. Devens Gust
Mr. Robert L. Patton
Dr. William R. Peterson, Jr.
Dr. Stearns Rogers
Mr. Frank M. Tedesco
Dr. Vivian B. Valenty